Degreasers & Cleaners

Luster Glaze offers a wide variety of automotive cleaners and degreasers ranging from All-Purpose Cleaner and Multi-Purpose Cleaner to our Citrex citrus-based cleaner, and a multitude of degreasers for all of your car, boat, and RV cleaning needs.

Luster Glaze Degreasers come in several strengths for different jobs. We have a biodegradable Water-Based Degreaser that is safe and non-caustic. Our Red Dot Degreaser is an economical and effective degreaser and a favorite of many auto detail shops. If you need a stronger Degreaser, Formula XD removes wax, grease, road tar, adhesive and cement. Or, our heavy duty Girex 440 Degreaser with natural citrus solvents in a detergent base can tackle tough jobs.

Luster Glaze also has cleaners for your wheels and white walls. Try our White Wall Tire Cleaner, or either our Acid Wheel Cleaner or our environmentally-friendly Acid Free non-caustic Wheel Cleaner.

Not sure what you need? Email the Car Care Experts at Luster Glaze with your questions about cleaners and degreasers, and we'll make sure you choose the right product.

Versatile cleaner which disinfects while it cleans.

Versatile, water based cleaner.

Economical and effective general degreaser.

Biodegradable, non-caustic degreaser concentrate.

Removes wax, grease, road tar, adhesive, and cement.

Heavy duty degreaser

Powerful formula safely removes embedded rail dust particles and other industrial fallout.

Removes calcium build-up from water spots on glass and other surfaces.

Powerful concentrate cleaner.

Non-caustic wheel cleaner.

Our most aggressive wheel cleaner