Interior protective dressings from Luster Glaze are excellent for conditioning and restoring your vehicle's vinyl, leather, and dashboards.

Luster Glaze also offers a variety of products to condition and protect your car's exterior such as our Bumper Bright that renews faded bumpers.

Many Luster Glaze products can be used on your vehicle's interior and exterior, making in an excellent choice for professional detailers, mobile detailers, and the "do-it-yourself" car, boat, or RV owner.

Have a question about any of our protective dressings? Email the Car Care Experts at Luster Glaze with your questions and we'll point you in the right direction.

Sprayable black undercoat paint.

Renew faded moldings and bumpers.

Concentrated vinyl and rubber conditioner, for exterior or interior use

Vinyl and rubber conditioner that protects from UV rays. Ready to use.

Durable, high gloss, detergent resistant tire and rubber dressing

Conditions and protects interior vinyl and leather surfaces.

Use to apply tire protectants and dressings

Add that pro, glossy look to your detail job with Sprayway Instant Shine.