Interior Products

Revive and protect your car's interior with Luster Glaze's line of interior car care products.

New car? Protect your upholstery and fabric with Luster Glaze's spray-on Fabric Protector.

Need to remove a tough stain from your car's upholstery or carpet? Luster Glaze's citrus solvent blend Fabric Spot Remover will remove oil, grease, and crayon from cloth, carpet (and laundry!)

Our natural enzyme Stain Remover works effectively on blood, urine, food, and coffee stains whether they're old or new stains.

If your stain isn't oil-based, our Pre-spot should do the trick for soiled areas. Use Prespot prior to Luster Glaze Upholstery Shampoo with optical brighteners and deodorizers for best results.

Luster Glaze also offers several products to make your car smell new again. Use Sprinkle Air Freshener to keep your vehicle (or garbage can, or trash compactor, or RV before winterizing) smelling pleasant. Our New Car Fragrance will give your car that "new car" smell again. You can also eliminate tough smoke, pet, and other animal odors from your vehicle with our Pro Fog Solution.

Not sure what you need? Email the Car Care Experts at Luster Glaze with your questions about any of our car interior products, and we'll make sure you get what you need.

Powerful, film-cutting glass cleaner in a ready to use formula. Available in 1 and 5 gallon quantities as well as 55 gallon drums.

Spray on protector for carpet and upholstery.

Citrus solvent blend removes oil, grease and crayon from cloth, carpet and laundry

Ready to use interior freshener. Give your car that new car smell again.

Pre-treatment for cloth upholstery, carpet and fabric.

Fogging solution to eliminate the toughest of odors. For use with fogging machine.

Safely removes old and new stains of all types.

Natural citrus base built in deodorizers and optical brighteners.

Turn your shop vac into a carpet extractor system for a fraction of the cost.

The best spray glass cleaner on the market.

Carpet protector film from 3M. Perforated, 24" wide

Add that pro, glossy look to your detail job with Sprayway Instant Shine.

Air freshner designed to elimiante offensive odors in your vehicle.