Pads, Brushes & Accessories

Luster Glaze carries a large variety of pads, brushes, towels, sponges, chamois, wash mitts, wax applicators, and other car care applicators and accessories.

Not sure which pad or brush you need to apply one of our products? Don't hesitate to Email us or call 1-877-GOLUSTRO (465-8787) and we'll be happy to help you get what you need.

Round cotton and polyester blend applicator.

100% cotton round applicator.

Tuff poly sponge

Heavy-duty spray nozzle. Features adjustable brass bullet nose and heavy-duty handle with soft-vinyl grip.

Brass fire hose type nozzle.

"Perfect for scrubing away bugs, tar, bird droppings etc"

Firm tipped cotten sticks;not your typical cotton swab

Professional quality wire wheel brush. Great for removing built-up dirt between spokes.

"8"" plastic head with 16"" replacable plastic screw-in handle."

Lint free polishing cloth. Use for removing waxes, polishing and general cleaning.

"Microfiber, terry applicator to evenly apply waxes, polishes, protectants and dressings. Hand pocket gives more flexibility."

Great for all purpose scrubbing.

Great all purpose scrub pad for the more delicate surfaces. Great for light cleaning of fiberglass, metal or painted surfaces.

Air nozzle for removing crumbs etc from hard to reach spots.

Black rubber gloves for chemical handling.

Black rubber gloves for chemical handling.

Our unique solution to dog hair removal.

Larger plastic funnel

Small plastic funnel

One pair of jersery gloves

Box of latex gloves

Box of latex gloves

Box of latex gloves

Box of 100 razor blades--super sharps.

1 gallon pump dispenser.

Heavy duty sprayhead fits our quart bottle or any 28-410 threaded opening (standard 2 liter pop bottle size).

The classic water blade perfect for sheeting water off your vehicle after washing.

Amazing drying and cleaning Water Sprite, 791 sq. inches.

The best wash mitt on the market.

Use to apply tire protectants and dressings

Poly sponge encased in nylon mesh.

Medium grade clay bar

Repair kit for electric 982 fogger.

100% cotton applicator

Poly sponge encased in cotton and polyester knit material.