Polishes, Sealants & Waxes

Quick Cleaner, Polish & Sealant Guide

Luster Glaze offers many fine cleaners, polishes, and sealants. Here is a quick guide to some of our premier products.

Product What it does Best for Use with
Super Aggressive Cutter Aggressive Cleaner
Moderate Cutter
Repairing scratches, uneven texture, and heavy oxidation. Action Orange or Easy Cut to remove dullness & hazing.
Finalize Finish Polish.
Fast Cut Paint & Fiberglass Deoxidizer
Moderate Cleaning
Light Cutting
Removing oxidation and scratches on boats, preparing boat surface for sealant Lighter Cleaner (Easy Cut or Action Orange)
Finish Polish (Brilliant or Finalize Finish Polish)
Action Orange Light to Moderate Removing haze, scuffs, and scratches on new and older paint finishes and clear coat finishes. Finalize Finish Polish
Easy Cut Light Cleaning Removing dullness and hairline scratches on new & late model paint and clear coat finishes. Finalize Finish Polish
Finalize Finish Polish Removing very fine scratches and minor paint imperfections, creating brilliant shine (Apply with Industrial variable speed rotary polisher) Gloss Clear coat Sealant
One Step Polish Polish & Sealant Reconditioning paints and clear coats in one step. (Apply with Industrial variable speed rotary polisher).  
Brilliant-Sealant Paint & Fiberglass Sealant Gloss and protection from UV rays, ideal boat sealant, excellent maintenance product. (Apply by hand, rotary, or orbital polisher) Fast Cut
Gloss Clear coat Sealant Paint & Clearcoat Sealant Highest level of paint protection, durability, and UV protection. (Apply with orbital polisher) Finalize Finish Polish
Perfect Polish and Sealant One Step Fiberglass Cleaner & Sealant Our simplest fiberglass solution. Cleans and protects figerglass in a one step process. Great protection from UV rays. (Apply by hand, orbital or a variable speed polisher) 

Not sure what you need? Email the Car Care Experts at Luster Glaze with your questions about any of our cleaners, polishes, and sealants, and we'll make sure you get what you need.

Reconditions new and older model paint, Light to moderate cleaning action, removes haze and scuff marks.

Reconditions new and late model clearcoat finishes

Reconditions paint and clear coat surfaces in one step. Best if used with a variable speed polisher.

Paint and clearcoat protection and sealant.

An effective paint and fiberglass cleaner and deoxidizer. Best if used with a variable speed polisher.

Versatile sealant used on fiberglass, clear coat and painted surfaces.

Our one step fiberglass boat polish and protectant solution. Simply wipe on and wipe off for a great shine and protection.

A complete boat hull clean-up kit only available at www.golustro.com.

Boat hull cleaner and sealant together in one package.

Hand or machine applied paint sealant. The same polish included in the Luster Glaze maintenance kit.

Complete polishing kit including pads, backing plate and buffing and polishing compounds only available at www.golustro.com.

Medium grade clay bar

Swirl remover or medium scratch remover;provides a brilliant shine from exclusive glazes built into the polish.

Spray and wipe showroom shine for all surfaces.

Aggressive paint and clear coat cleaner;effective on removal of deep scratches.

Finish polish to provide that swirl free, mirror look. Must be applied with a variable speed polisher to obtain best results.