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Aluma Shine-8oz

Frankly, to achieve a shine on metal is really no big deal... any number of brands produce shine. However, unlike those brands, the Aluma 1 formula contains no silicones and no acids, no ammonia or grit that will scratch surfaces. Our formula is safe and foolproof on both clear-coated and uncoated surfaces - any type of metal or hard plastic. Leaves a long-lasting, clear protective barrier that retards tarnish, oxidation, film, dullness - for example, on wheels, our polymer system puts a barrier between the alloy and the dirt, making the wheels easier to clean and maintain. Also, our unique formula combines both a polish & sealer in one easy-on, easy-off application! Other brands simply do not seal in the shine, resulting in the need for frequent re-polishing. And this one product covers the full range of metal deterioration: from light to heavy - use on either coated or uncoated, billet, chrome etc.
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