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Complete Boat Hull Clean and Protect Kit

Our complete soultion to cleaning and protecting your boats hull. This is the perfect kit for spring clean-up or winter clean-up before storing your boat. This kit is designed to work with a variable speed polsiher. Rest assured that this is not a wipe-on, wipe-off solution. This is a deep cleaning and protection solution designed to clean your hull and protect it like never before. This kit was designed based on our years of experience supplying product to boat detail shops in the northwest.

The first step in the process is to power wash the hull with fresh water to remove any surface build-up. Then start the cleaning process with our Red Dot cleaner/degreaser. Dilute 1 part Red Dot to 5 parts water. Thourghly scrub the entire hull and top side with the Red Dot and included scrubber. Rinse the hull once scrubbed and towel dry.

The next step is to polish out the fiberglass hull to a nice, clean shine. For this process we have included 1 quart of our Fast Cut fiberglass cleaner, a white wool pad and backing plate. Start on once section of the boat and work around following the directions on the bottle of Fast Cut. Generally working a section about 3' by 3' around the entire boat.

Now that the boat is polished it is important to protect against UV rays and the harshness of being on the water. For protection we have included our Brilliant fiberglass sealant and protectant along with a synthetic blend pad for application along with the backing plate.

This kit is designed to be enough product to successfully clean and protect up to a typical 24' fiberglass boat. For larger boats jump up to the gallon sized Fast Cut and Brilliant products in the same kit.

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