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Complete package of hull cleaner, fiberglass cleaner, sealant and pads.

Fiberglass Cleaner and Sealant Kit

We combine our best fiberglass cleaner and sealant in one kit for complete boat car. Use the Luster Glaze Fast Cut to clean the haze off your boat prior to sealing. Ideally Fast Cut should be applied with a variable speed polisher. If you just have an orbital, don't worry, it will also provide some great cleaning even with an orbital. Once you have completely cleaned the fiberglass it is equally important to apply a sealant. Our Brilliant sealant is one of the best fiberglass sealants on the market. Brilliant can be applied with a varable speed polisher, orbital polisher or even by hand. Simply apply to the surface and let stand for a few minutes. Once the material has dried simply buff off the excess to reveal a nice shiney and smooth surface. Apply Brilliant during the season to all your top side fiberglass surfaces to provide continued protection. Most of our customers use the Fast Cut and Brilliant application on the entire boat at least once a year. They then follow-up hitting the top side fiberglass surfaces periodically during the boating season to keep a nice shine and provide the best protection. This kit is designed to provide enough cleaner and sealant for about a 24' boat. See our complete boat cleaning kit for a package that includes our Red Dot cleaner for the hull along with the appropriate pads and a professional backing plate.
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