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Luster Glaze

Luster Glaze is a truely non abrasive finish product. Use Luster Glaze as a final finish polish to remove swirls and light scratches. Luster Glaze should be followed by an application of Luster Shield to provide the best paint protection.
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Luster Glaze Sig polish is the absolute best polish money can buy. I have been using this polish for years and have detailed some of the finest vehicle out there. The satisfaction i get is when the owner of the car being detailed does not think there is anything else that can be done to their paint Seeing what this polish does, usually leave's them speechless or in a state of shock. It does take time to work with this polish, but after you are done you will have neighbors and folks at the service station asking HOW did you get that paint so shiny. THE BEST !!!! Thank you to the folks at LUSTER GLAZE for making this the best......JL From California
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