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Pine Resin Remover

Our Pine Resin remover is a unique solution to a sticky problem. Many solutions on the internet involve a process of using mineral spirts or nail polish remover to take tree sap off a vehicle. These are extremely risky options as they can permanently harm your paint or clearcoat surface. If you make a mistake you may be repainting your entire vehicle--wow, what would that cost?

Our Pine Resin remover simply will not harm your paint or clearcoat surface. That alone should be reason enough to use our product, plus it actually works!

Simply spray Luster Glaze Pine Resin Remover on affected area, allow the Pine Resin Remover to soften and dissolve the pine resin. Rub gently with a clean cloth. Do not use in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. Ready to use.

Our Pine Resin Remover kit includes a cloth applicator to move the product around on the surface.
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I spent $150 last year to have a car wash remove the sap off of my car. This year I decided to try the Pine Resin Remover and it removed everything, didn't damage the car and it took less than half an hour to do it all.--RW, Virginia, USA
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I love this product! We recently bought a house that has many, many pine trees...that do nothing but drip sap on the cars. We tried a million different things to get the cars clean and nothing worked. Even took it to a body shop that said it would cost us hundreds to remove the sap/fix the paint. Bought this and finished cleaning the cars in about 4 hours. Takes some work but it was well worth the money we saved. I would recommend this product to anyone who is searching for a way to clean sap off of vehicles.--CG, Texas
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this is a great product.Reordering for the second time
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We live in the forest with pine trees everywhere! This pine sap remover is terrific!!!! Doesn't hurt finish ,,,, period!
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